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Recipe Organizer Deluxe means well. Sadly, this program won’t live up to most cook’s expectations. It’s not that Recipe Organizer Deluxe doesn’t include useful cells and the ability to input lots of details, it does, but information is displayed somewhat awkwardly. Interface aside, this program will store your recipes in a nice and neat order.


This recipe organizer program comes with some tips that you will see from the start. These tips are meant to be helpful, but this reviewer finds the tips to be confusing. The Help File, on the other hand, does include lots of useful details. Icons and other drop-down menus are self-explanatory for the most part.

Main Function

The main purpose of Recipe Organizer Deluxe is to provide a place for recipe collectors to store recipe information. If you collect lots of recipes, you know just how easy it can be to get bogged down in tons of bits of paper without every knowing where the recipes you want or need are. Recipe Organizer Deluxe puts an end to this problem, if you can handle the somewhat complex interface.

Extra Features

Two extra features worth mentioning are the HTML tables and reports. These two features make reading recipes and finding ingredient lists useful. Recipe Organizer Deluxe also comes with automated wine pairing suggestions that you may or may not wan to consider (depending on whether or not you are a “wine snob”).


For $75, Recipe Organizer Deluxe is on the pricey side. Avid recipe collectors may find this program useful, but I’m guessing that most people will simply become frustrated with the clunky layout.
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Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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